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Nainnoh is a Georgian-born American singer-songwriter. She blends atmospheric folk into psychedelic indie pop, intricate mixture of poetry, visual art, and cinematic mental imagery to create an all encompassing artistic statement.

Nainnoh was born in Rustavi, Georgia. Her father was an architect and her mother was a biochemist, so naturally, she grew up with a curious mind.  Her musical talents emerged very early, as she showed a surprising knack for American pop and jazz from an early age.  She started piano and solfeggio lessons at 7 and began writing her own songs when she was only 11. With a sound influenced by Joni Mitchell and Nina Simone as well as Georgian folk music, she began exploring the mystic infinities of the universe, adding astrology and physics to her songwriting vocabulary.


In 2012, as she was pursuing a higher education, she became interested in psychology and philosophy and began incorporating them into her music. When combined with her preexisting fascination with mysticism and world cultures, she had found her natural artistic voice which she used to create her own fully formed brand of music. Music began constantly pouring out of her and spent the next several years writing the songs that would become her debut album.

She has worked for a television broadcasting company and also served as an art section reporter, working for a local newspaper in NY, where she has published couple of her poetries.  

The sincerity she portrayed with her words was so convincing that she was given an Editor’s Choice Award from 

Nainnoh’s transcendent talent opened many doors for her and allowed her to work with some of the top talents in the music industry for her first album, released on April 2, 2021.  John Sully as a music producer, cited for his sound design and diverse multimedia career in the New York underground. Additionally working with Grammy winner Chris Gehringer and music industry mainstay Daniel Lynas, she made a stirring album full of cosmic psychedelic meditations and melodies that reach the highest form of expression. 

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